All animations created by Dave Sutton

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Make a name with Animation Shop

For this lesson you will use our animated letters

Open Jasc Animation shop

File - open - navigate to the letters that will make the name you require and open

For this tutorial I will make my name with the Union Jack alphabet
So I have opened D A V E
You will have an eight frame animation to each letter like this

dave union jack

We now need to create a single name animation
File - new - make the animation a size that will be more than big enough for the finished name - canvas colour
transparent , I have made an animation 300 x 50, but look at your letters and experiment first with the blank to
make sure that all letters will fit into it.


With this single blank frame animation selected
Edit - copy
Edit paste after current frame
Then use combination of shift + Ctrl + L keys to copy 6 more times so
that you have an eight frame blank animation

Select frame one of first letter of name ( In my case D)
Select all frames in this animation by clicking frame 1 and then using the shift and arrow right key
All frames will have a blue border

Click on frame one and drag and position frame 1 of your name into frame 1 of blank animation,
as you release all the other frames will transfer.

dave blank

Frame 1 only shown of 8 frame animation

Repeat this procedure with the other letters and line up "by eye" each letter that you have dragged in
You can try again if you do not like the results by selecting your "blank" animation or letter animation and clicking
the undo undo button

Every so often test your animation View - Animation

Once you have transferred all your letters crop the animation by using this tool crop .
Left click on animation and with finger still down drag box to size of animation you want and release.
Double click to crop

Test animation View - Animation

dave jack

Save your animation

File - Save as - best image quality - click the customize button and on the Partial transparency tab use these details


Good luck with your animations