All animations created by Dave Sutton

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Lemon animations, add a slice to your Gin and tonic

Animated lemons, you cannot add these to a gin and tonic

strawberry bulletThey do not grow in the UK but in our second home Cyprus you can see them everywhere. Toulla our Cypriot friend makes some fantastic lemon drinks and she just picks them from a tree in her garden. We have sat under lemon trees in the garden of a tradition stone house in Lysos up in the hills of Cyprus drinking our Ouzo and enjoying the breeze blowing on a very hot summers day, Paradise !

animated lemon
animated lemon badge
lemon sliced in half
lemon cube
spinning half lemon
lemons in cube

We love lemon juice on fish

A couple of these animations were created from 3D models especially made for this page, the rest were made from photographs. It is not easy to produce animations of a simple little fruit like a lemon but we have tried our best. Lets hope if you discovered this page looking for animated lemons, what we have made fits the bill.
What do Dot and Dave use lemons for. They are great just squeezed onto a fish dish like calamari or grilled octopus.
Good with your Gin and Tonic. Superb on Pancake Day squeezed over the pancake and sprinkled with sugar.
Original lemon animations by Dot and Dave