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Spinning leaves

Sevenoaks does have seven oak trees

animated appleWe live in the country and in the summer all these trees with green leaves can be found around us. Of course Sevenoaks is famous for it oak trees so the acorn and oak leaf take pride of place on this web page. These animated leaves were made by superimposed photographs of the leaves onto a 3D CAD model and then rotating it in the rendering software. Dot loves Autumn so I have now added the Autumn collection, in most cases I have used the existing 3D models and replaced the green leaf texture with the Autumn golds and yellows.

Maple leaf animation
beech leaf
Oak Leaf
Horse chestnut leaf
elm leaf animation
Ash leaf animation




Autumn maple leaf
Autumn Beech
Autumn oak leaf
Little brown acorn
Chestnut Autumn leaf
Elm Autumn leaf
Ash Autumn leaf

Autumn and Summer

With a name like Sevenoaks Art I should have at least an animated oak leaf. Sevenoaks is a rural area and we do have Seven Oak trees although in 1987 we were left with only one oak tree after the hurricane destroyed the other six. Communications were virtually non existent as trees were blown down and roofs destroyed but the local Radio Amateurs were able to coordinate chain saw gangs and help and assistant where needed. All over the world Sevenoaks suddenly became famous and people still call it One Oak. Fortunately the other 6 oak trees were replaced and are growing nicely.