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Leave a comment animated buttons for blogs

Come on don't be shy, leave a comment

animated butterflyOk.. You know you get a lot of visitors to your blog but you get very few comments. This happens a lot and if you interact and reply to any comments left you are more likely to get a return comment which in turn can encourage other visitors to join in. Some visitors are not even aware that they can make a comment so why not encourage them with with one of our animations on your blog. Download from this page and follow our instructions

Leave a comment balloons
please comment computer animation
leave a comment on your iphone
comment on the microphone
comment cube
commented animation

Just the thing for blogs or even Google+

My collection of "leave a comment animated buttons", ideal for use on your blogs. I have mainly used my library of 3D models that we have built over the past ten years and simply added some new textures or photographs to them and then animated from a different camera angle.

If you have written something really worthwhile and interesting and you would like some sort of comment, try to encourage people to express their views with one my leave a comment animated gifs. On surfing the net I have noticed it is a common view that visitors will visit and read a blog or web page but rarely bother to comment. It could be of course that they are like me and have to type with two fingers and will only type anything if they have a spell check to help them