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Free animated cats and kittens. More animations here

Kittens in the toilet and King Cats

pussy in the wellThis collection is slowly growing and originally I only had three animations on this web page but since I have been with Google+ I have been adding a new cat animation each week. Tin CatIn a lot of cases I have combined a photographic image with one of my 3D models and some are just manipulated photographs to make the animation

I have always had a cat and love them because they are so independent although I have had many dogs in my life and they will give you their undivided love, unlike cats.

Tia, my cat is a pretty half Persian who is very arrogant and treats humans as her servants, possibly a trait in all cats. She was an adorable kitten as she was just a little ball of fluff. I'm considering making more animations from video footage and posting them on this page.

animated kitten button
kitten animation
kitten cube
Kitten in a po
kitten meow1
animated cube with kitten
kitten meow2
Cat chorus
cat cube
kitten in rubbish bin pop up kitten animated kitten kitten in trash bin
Dog cat kitten and butterfly

Cats and Kittens are well liked on Google plusCat collection

Quite a few of these kitten animations have been used on my Google+ account, I have made them smaller and optimized them as much as possible to cut down on bandwidth usage and they are more than suitable for use on any web page.

This kitten animation on the blue background has a transparent background but with a dark "halo" for use on very dark page backgrounds. The animation (top right) has a frame so you can keep the black background but still put it on a light page background. The kitten in the po has a crown, we used to call him King of Po land but some people objected to that name so he is just a sweet little kitten popping his head up.. I have added a few animations made from copyright free photographs to complete my collection.

The collection of cats on the right is one big animation and is not a massive file size.

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