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Our Acorns are healthy

keep fit textThe acorns are showing us how to do it. I use acorn people in my animations a lot because Acorn is my Google Nickname. After all, you can find quite a few acorns in Sevenoaks. (From little acorns mighty oaks grow)
We do not go the Gym or swimming to keep fit but both of us have a regular routine of doing as much walking as possible. Dot will walk with her grand daughter to school and also walk to the village on a daily basis. I used to work in an office and did at least half an hours walk at lunch time. At weekends we sometimes walk for hours, especially in the summer. Our little acorns are keeping fit the best way that they know.

Uncle sam keep fit animated ball Calm keep fit
acorn with dumbbells Do yourself some damage exercise running on the spot
keep fit bird beer drinking rabbit swing exercise

We try to keep fit and have a drink

ball control animationSome simple exercises to help you keep fit. The Acorn method for a healthy life.
Dot and Dave are getting on in years but we try to keep fit and healthy by eating sensibly and getting as much exercise as possible . Not going to the Gym but by doing a lot of walking rather than using the car, especially for a trip to the village shops .

You may ask what the drinking rabbit has to do with keeping fit, he is a mascot I made over ten years ago for a running club who after their run used to like to stop in the pub and have a drink. Everything in moderation I say.