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Animated Keep Calm posters - Add your own text

Keep calm and have a fagKeep calm poster are very popular on the internet at the moment so I have made a few animated ones for you to download and use. It is an easy matter to add text by uploading one of the blank posters to the ONLINE IMAGE EDITOR

Once you have opened the online editor website Choose the downloaded file from the hard drive on your computer, it will be called "calm-black" or what colour you selected. Click UPLOAD. Click ADD TEXT and type the text you require. Make sure text is aligned centre, TEXT SIZE approx 30, Font style ARIEL BOLD. text colour WHITE (You will need to make it another colour first to be able to move it into place) Once you are happy with it click apply and then save it back to your computer. On my windows machine it automatically saved it to my DOWNLOADS folder.

I hope to see some interesting variations on these animated keep calm posters.

awsome black blank Eat a banana
Call me awesome Add your own text Eat a banana
Google plus blue blank keep calm and speak English
Put it on Google+ Space for your own wording Speak English
Keep calm and have a beer red blank carry on
Have a beer Add any text Carry on

A very British poster, I have animated the crown

The original poster was created by the British government at the beginning of the Second World War and read "Keep calm and carry on" It was made to boost the moral of people because major air strikes were threatened. Sadly it got very little public display until one of the original posters was discovered in 2000. Since then many keep calm posters with a whole variety of reasons to keep calm have turned up in advertising, on forums and has become popular on Google+
I have gone one stage further and created the animated keep calm version.
Could this poster have been the inspiration for the run of "Carry on" films?