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Getting a good reflection in our jewelry

animated rubyI'm not really jewelry people and certainly not the sort to wear a lot of gold and diamonds to show how wealthy I am (in my case it would all be fake stuff anyway) but I do have the sentimental things like wedding rings engagement rings and my St Christopher medallion on a chain around my neck..
With objects like jewelry it is not easy to make an animation. I have kept it easy with rotating or the slightly more difficult swinging animation. Its only recently that I discovered a way to show a good reflection in anything shiny like gold, silver or gems to give a better effect. My jewelry is not expensive, in fact it is free, download it to your computer and have fun with it.

animated St Christopher
animated jewelled cross
animated gold crucifix
animated Greek gold ring
animated crown
nimated diamond ring

My jewelry

The greek ring and St Christopher are modeled on the ones that Dot gave me. The ring was to commemorate 30 years of marriage and was bought in Paphos Cyprus and the St Christopher was a Christmas present about 25 years ago. The only time I takes i off is to clean it or if I need to have a scan or X ray. The Crown was made for our Prince Charles animations.

Animated Jewel Stones