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It's Saturday, the weekend is here

For many the best day of the week.

It's SaturdayAfter a hard weeks work the weekend does eventually arrive. It's the day you can lay in bed for as long as you like or you can go out shopping or visit the pub in the evening knowing that you will not be going into work the next day with a massive hangover.
I no longer work, but I certainly remember how I used to look forward to weekend. In fact Friday was a good day as well, especially in the evening knowing that you had two days ahead of you that you could spend it as your fancy took you.

Saturday badge It's Saturday monkey The weekend is here
Saturday robin weekend feeling Saturday acorn
weekend swinging sign What's new I want you

Use these animations in forums or even on Google+

Monkey playing guitarI know, this a strange collection of animations but they could be of use if you use something like Google+ and you want to let people know that you are looking forward to the weekend. By using an online image editor you could even combine several into one animation or even add a message.

All you need to do is right click, download to a file on you computer and then simply upload them to a post you want to make on the internet.

Every thing on this website is free and because I have made everything you should encounter no copyright problems, my wish is that you and your friends have a very happy weekend.