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Free 3D Irish animations

A few animated Irish symbols

butterfly animationI had an Irish grand dad. He had won many medals in the first world war and I am told that he rode the lead horse that dragged the cannon into battle. When I was a young boy I remember that he only had one leg and thought that he had lost it in battle. In fact he had it amputated because of a blood clot in his leg. These days that would not happen and I must have inherited what they call "sticky blood" from him because I have similar problems but modern day medicine has sorted me out. I had to make a few animations in memory of my Irish Grand Dad and here they are. My mother was regular visitor to Ireland and loved the country, she said she was thoroughly spoilt and the pubs were so friendly compared to the ones in England. It is on the books for us to make our first visit to the Emerald Isle, probably when I retire

Irish whoskey animation
Irish flag and shamrock animation
Guinness animation
animated Irish guitar
Animated football emblem
animated Irish hat

A few things animated

Maybe just a beginning of a larger collection. An Irish whiskey bottle, the Irish flag and shamrock, a pint of Guinness, a Fender guitar, football emblem and an Irish hat. Of course, if you have ideas for more animations just let me know and I will see what I can do. I have made more animations on the two links below, some for Saint Patrick's day featuring my leprechaun 3d model and an animated Irish teddy, national flag and spinning monkey with an Irish style waistcoat.