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Ipod animations, music animated gifs, animated bugle

Ipods but with a little music thrown in.

animated bugleThis is a page that will probably need a lot of updating as new Ipod designs develop. I originally had the Ipod classic but that soon become dated and other models were introduced . They seem to get smaller and smaller. Of course I have my whole music collection on an Ipod, its so easy to convert and load them with itunes and I'm never without music , especially in some remote villa in the hills of Cyprus. My music collection started with the 75 rpm record, then the 45 rpm single record, compact cassette music tapes, eight track tapes in the car the CD and now the ipod mp4. I hope you can find a use for these free animations and can use them on your web pages and blogs

animated ipod nano
ipod animation
ipod touch
animated dvd
animated musical notes
animated vinyl record

gramaphoneWe have the ipod nano, the ipod classic and the ipod touch on the top line. If you are looking for animated guitars click here Animated guitars

I had to include some of the old fashioned music graphics and had a lot of fun creating the musical notes, an old fashioned 45 rpm record and and an even older wind up gramophone.
This type of gramophone was even before my time but I do remember my eccentric and very lovable uncle who had one similar and when I visited him he would frantically wind it up and play me his collection of military march band music on it.

Having spent a lot of time creating this model you will find that I have used it in some other animated gifs on this website.