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3D Animated iphones

The iPhone 5 is now with us.

iphone 5I have an iPhone 4 but I'm not so sure that my next phone will be from Apple. There is no doubt it is an remarkable bit of equipment and when I holiday in Cyprus it has been a God send as I can email and keep in contact with the news even in the remote villages in the hills. There are so many phones that can compete with it now and they are not so expensive and you do not have be restricted as to what you can and cannot upload to your computer. Animated gifs do give me a problem on the iPhone and I cannot easily upload them, not such a good thing when they are my hobby.

Photorealistic iPhone animations

iphone 5 animation iphone5 animation iphone4 animation
iPhone 5 iPhone 5 iPhone 4
iphone animation animated iphone 3 animated iphone 4
iPhone 3 iPhone 3 iPhone 4

New iPhone designswindy iphone

New iphone design

Many people are disappointed with the telephone reception and the battery life. I have designed a couple of iphones that could compensate for this. One has a good solid battery pack and the other has a windmill attached. The windmill idea is not so silly because micro windmills 1.8mm wide have been invented that can generate electricity. They not easily fit into a pocket or handbag but this is something you would want to show the world. It may even become the fashion accessory of the decade..

I love Siri on this phone and he answers each question you speak with remarkable logic. The speech recognition is pretty good as we have searched for some complex terms and it got it right but when searching for Dot and Dave I found that it translated it as Duck and Dive. Possibly something to do with my cockney accent.