All animations created by Dave Sutton

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Free 3D animated ipads for your blog or website

Should I get an ipad?

small ipad It could be an ideal traveling companion when we visit Cyprus, the iphone was invaluable on our last visit when we were stranded because of volcanic dust but a larger screen as on the ipad would have been the icing on the cake. So here we are, some animated ipads, made in appreciation of a lovely bit of kit. Will the next generation of tablets replace the ipad, it's possible because the ipad is not a windows based machine and is more of a media device to play games on and does not support Flash.

animated ipad
ipad animation
animated ipad swinging
spinning monkey and ipad animation
ipad monkey on screen
ipad on K9 animation
iphone3 mouse ipad  1 microphone ipod radio laptop mobile phone iphone 5 ipad 2

Construction technique for the ipad animations

The top three are simple animations to make. A very basic Ipad shape was made in the CAD program and the rendered with a photograph back and front. The spinning effect is in fact the camera revolving around the ipad while rendering takes place. We have added this ipad animation to our collection of free 3D models in the Google Sketchup warehouse. Click link below if you use this free program supplied by Google.

The bottom row of animated ipads shows what can be done with existing models, combining the 3D monkey model with the ipad or even using K9 to piggy back the ipad, even if he is going around in circles, I dare not make the animations too complicated because of the time it would take to download.