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Free 3D India gif animations

I was very lucky to have Indian neighbours

small indian monkeyThese animated gifs have been made in appreciation of the many Indian visitors to Sevenoaks Art and inspired by my good friend guy, an Indian pharmacist who lived next door to me when I lived in Riverhead.
A better and more helpful neighbor I could not have asked for. He was one of many expelled from Uganda in 1972 and came to the U.K. with nothing but his skills. He was always on hand if I had any medical problems. Sadly I moved away and see very little of my Indian friend and his wife Mercy who could cook the most amazing Indian food, far better than any you could get in any restaurant. Her Indian style Chinese food is something we will never forget.

animated indian tea animated Indian flag and national emblem animated rupees
A nice mug of Indian tea Indian flag with emblem of India 50 rupees
Indian stamp animation Indian tedyy bear animated rupee
Indian Stamp Proud to be from India Rupee
Indian flag animated lotus Indian monkey
3D Indian Flag Lotus flower Indian monkey
Made in India Indian Independence day Gandhi on flag
Made in India Indian Independence day Gand hi on flag

More Indian animations available on my website

India independance daySome of these animations can be found elsewhere on my website but I have added them here to make them easier to find.

Many have been made especially for this webpage and some are 3D models that I have already made and modified by changing the angle of view and adding Indian textures.

The Indian Independence day to the left is a simple composite I made using animations that can be found on this website. There is no reason you cannot do something similar with any of the animated gifs you may find here.

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