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4th July animated gifs

All gif animations made here.

animated cogIndependence day animations. July 4 1776. The day independence from Great Britain was declared. The national day of United States. Abraham Lincoln is available as a famous face smiley and we have a wide range of 3D animated flags as well The Abraham animated face specially created for this page and other work taken from our library of 3D CAD models , all made by Sevenoaks Art

animated American flag
independance day animation
animated stars and stripes
American cube
independance day teddy
animated stars and stripes hat

More American animations available

We realize that we have quite a big American following although we are UK based. A look around our web site will show a fair selection of American animations like football, Ice Hockey, baseball, American flags, American teddies and more. We decided to add some Independence day animations for that special occasion celebrated in the USA. You can add these animations to other images, modify them and add to web pages.

I have also made some American animations which features the Stars and Stripes combined with a little teddy bear drummer, an American Fender guitar, the American flag, monkey and Acorn, you may consider some of these animations suitable for Independence Day.