All animations created by Dave Sutton

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My warped sense of humour

red cross animationYes we admit it , these animations are some of our stranger creations but they do seem to work. One of my ideas and you may have guessed that anyway because I'm a very strange person anyway. Over the years I have had some good and some bad ideas and it is a good job I have a few people around me like Dot to advise on what sort of animations to make and what would be suitable for a family oriented website like ours

no image animation
image unavailable animation
animated red cross
butterfly no image
spider no image
monkey no image

They could be annoying

Have you ever gone to a web page and found that annoying little box with the red square because an image is not available. Well we thought we would elaborate on this and make some fun animations, maybe a visitor to your blog or website would think "b*gger" another page with broken links to the image file and then suddenly be presented with a working animation. They could also make an unusual avatar as they are square and could be reduced in pixel size by using an online image editor. They could just be a bit of fun on a web page or blog of course.

Here at Sevenoaks Art we like to make something that is just a little bit different and all animations are free. use them however you like. If by any chance you can lip read we do not really want to know what the little monkey is mumbling.