All animations created by Dave Sutton

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Are you in the doghouse and need to say you're sorry

One of my animations may calm the water.

Sorry bearsThe little bear that is holding the letter I needs a few good meat puddings as he looks a little on the skinny side. This animation made from my stock collection of animated alphabet letters which is my favourite selection to make any name from.

if you have come to this page the chances are you have done something wrong and want to apologize and you cannot meet that person face to face to say sorry. One of these these animations could help break the ice and get you back as friends again or it could make matters worse, I take no responsibility for any adverse effect these animations create.

sorry heart
give a hug teddy bears
I'm sorry sign in opening box
butterfly on sorry card
old tramp telling porkies
box of chocolates with sorry written on them

An unusual selection from a very strange animated gif artist

sorry as warped textThat is me in the centre column bottom row having let my hair grow and not shaved or washed since I retired. I thought I should say sorry for presenting such a strange selection of animated gifs but for some reason my nose keeps growing. Why do some people call me Pinocchio.
I cannot guarantee that any of these animations will work but I would suggest you give it a try if you really feel that SORRY is the right word.
Most of these animations have been created using existing 3D models that I have created over the past 12 years, It was quite easy to add the text as a texture and then re render them. I wish you good luck on your quest if you decide to use one of these animations.