All animations created by Dave Sutton

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Some animations of Ice cream and Cola

Maybe we are still kids

animated donutAm I in heaven?.... some of the best things in life, ice cream animations, cola and strawberry milk shakes. I prefer mint chip ice cream but vanilla is still good! OK so I cheated a little with the cola animation and used the can I made for the beer and whiskey animations but it still looks pretty good. The Ice cream cone, ice lolly and milk shake animations were made from scratch. I may be getting on in years but all these sort of goodies still appeal to me. The Ice cream van animation just had to be made, in the summer I get the ice cream van coming around and I'm almost first in the queue.

animated cola
Ice cream animation
animated milk shake
iced lolly
Ice cream van
mint lolly

Always room for Ice Cream

Petros my Greek Cypriot friend was the inspiration for the ice cream animations. He loves ice cream and even after a full Cypriot Meze (a lot of small dishes) and extremely filling, the sort of meal you need to starve all day before eating will then quite happily go to an ice cream parlor, French, Greek, but at the end of the day the best in my opinion is Italian. There are just so many flavours as well but I do hate it when you gat a lot of crunchy ice crystals mixed in with it. Possibly because it has been frozen too long and is not all that fresh.
I intend to have a go at making my own ice cream , it's handy having the internet because there are so many recipes.