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Free 3D I love you animations.

Go on, let someone know how you feel, say I love you.

love you heart animatedAnother brand new page with new animated graphics, some made from 3D models that I already have and some made with freshly constructed 3D models. Originally I only had a couple of I love you animations and someone suggested it would be a good idea to make some more. I put my thinking head on and this page is the result, it is a prime candidate for more animations in the near future.

My cupid graphic has no message applied to it, you can always add one with an online image editing program if you wanted because I was uncertain as to just what message I could have added without taking up too much space.

I love you revolving sphere
animated cupid
I love you revolving hearts
Monkey love
Love you uncle sam
chocolates animations

An unusual collection

The revolving sphere with roses and the spinning hearts in a black circle is a technique that I have not used much. The background around the circle is transparent so you could use them on any light coloured background. I made the box of chocolates because I simply love them and I have used the model in my Christmas food category. The monkey is one of my favorites and I have made many other versions of him. When I was six years old I wanted a real monkey and got a baby sister instead, she is always reminding me of this fact, even if she does have a passion for bananas.

Suggestions for new I love you animations are always welcome