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Free Holiday and vacation animations, original animated gifs

Our holidays

animated butterflyNow we are talking. When I was younger and had little money the holidays were far and few between and when I did have a vacation it would be in a caravan in Dymchurch on the south coast of England. If I had followed the present day trend of calling children after the name of the place they were conceived in my son Colin would have been called Dymchurch. As the kids grew up and I started to earn more, holidays abroad started our inspiration for these animations. On one of my first visits to Cyprus we met up with Toulla, Petros and son Marios from Nicosia and a great friendship was formed. I now like to visit Cyprus at least twice a year, it has become very expensive but having Greek Cypriot friends friends who know all the best inexpensive places to eat really does help. As Petros would say, the national sport of Cyprus is eating, drinking and talking. So far I have only achieved a bronze medal but I'm hoping to get to the gold medal standard of Petros.
Here are a few holiday animations with special reflection ones added.

animated bucket and spade
animated holiday kite
beach ball animation
hills of Cyprus
animated sea shore
Animated holiday photo

Animated holiday photographs

These holiday animations are how I visualize a good holiday. It was a bucket and spade, a beach ball and a kite that made a good holiday when I was a boy.
Cyprus is my holiday destination now and I love to get away from the tourist area and stay in self catering apartments villas and houses up in the hills or on the more remote beaches. Mediterranean sea, Ouzo, fine Greek food and very good company as I have good Greek Cypriot friends.