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Help me if you can I'm feeling down (The Beatles)

Help me please animated graphics

Spinning help animationThere are two ways you could possibly use these animations. You could add one to a webpage as a link to indicate a help page, the animations that just consist of the word help would be ideal for that or they could be used on a forum, an email or something like Google+ to indicate that you need help of some kind. I always need help, especially where my English grammar is concerned so I can see myself using quite a lot of these in the future.

spinning monkey with help sign   Uncle Sam needs help   Monkey Please help me
Monkey needs help   Please help Uncle Sam   A polite monkey
nun with help text   Help notice with butterfly   Gnome with help barrow
Help nun
  Calling card   Gnome help

You could have made some of these animations yourself..

Help animated textThe Uncle Sam is a classic example of how you could have made a special help animation yourself. On this website I have a blank version and all you need to do is add the text using one of the online image editors or using animation software that you may already have. It is also possible to do the same thing with the butterfly calling card. The rest of these animations needed a little more specialised attention because I have modified existing models in 3D software to achieve the three dimensional effect.
Hopefully this is the page you were looking for to be able to post a help message or to use it in some way or another. They are all free, just download what you want and enjoy.