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Free Gif animations about Healthy living

We try to eat healthily

Keep fit AcornWe know all about healthy living because we both have a tendency to put on weight very easily. It is so easy not to exercise and to eat all the kebabs, fish and chips and cream cakes that you want so we both have to use a little ( sometimes a lot ) of will power in an effort to keep in shape and not have to buy bigger clothes.
We eat loads of fruit, fresh vegetables and a lot of salads and always walk rather than using the car to visit the village. Our biggest downfall is the booze but we try to restrict ourselves to not drinking too much unless we are on holiday in Cyprus with our Greek Cypriot friends and then then the temptation is too much. We pay for it in extra pounds gained on our return.
This was the inspiration for these animations and I have once more used my little Acorn men in some of the animations. Spike Milligan has always been one of our favourite comedians and the chattering teeth gave us the idea for the the teeth or dentist page. Our dentist found this page "quite interesting" and grinned when he said it. (He has a computer in his surgery) This page has not got a lot of links but as time progresses and this subject becomes even more popular it is possible that we will be adding more categories and animations. Maybe we should leave the acorn man out of any new additions , he has had just a little too much of the limelight just lately.