All animations created by Dave Sutton

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Harry Reid, Hilary Clinton, Michael D Huckabee,George Bush Obama and Mitt Romney animations

Animated American politicians

obama or mittObama pottyMost anyone who knows me will tell you that I have absolutely no interest in politics and know very little about UK politicians so my knowledge about American ones is even smaller. If you want a special face animation made just email me and I am sure that I can probably make something suitable.

I have this compulsion to put strange hats on some famous people. Gives me laugh anyway. Hilary Clinton with a flower pot on her head. Harry Read with my leather flying helmet. Michael D Huckabee with a leprechaun hat, George Bush with several hats on, Obama and Mitt Romney.

Hilary Clinton
Harry Reid
Michael D Huckabee
Obama lemonade
George bush with beany hat
Santa George Bush
obama American football
Mitt Romney animation

Top row.. Hilary Clinton. Harry Reid. Michael D Huckabee
Middle row ..All George Bush.
Bottom row.. Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, Obama

George Bush started it all off

captain George BushAll the George animations started because I had made an animated George a few years ago. I was approached by a business that sold animations for smart phones and they liked the George animation but suggested I should put a beany hat on him.

When I was a Flash animator for a social networking site called Wallop the Santa George was born, I incorporated the gif animation into a Flash movie and added him to the collection that I had for sale. A very strange collection but I always enjoy making these.