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Happy Birthday animations

A work in progress

Birthday balloonI started making these animations over twelve years ago and they have now spread over many pages, take a look at the links below. I have added some more graphics to this page but have now decided to make completely new pages with some very original Happy Birthday animations that you will not find in other online animation collections ( Hint to other websites with collections of other peoples work - do not pinch these, DMCA notices will be issued ).

Apart from that you can use any of these graphic in any other way you like.
Modify them, re size them, use them on commercial websites and even add your own text, I have made some animations that makes it very easy to do, see links below.

More Happy birthday animations

Age groups Add text to one of my animations

sexy happy birthday for the boys animated birthday present sexy happy birthday for the girls
Birthday trsin Birthday Cake Birthday Camera
animated birthday present
Fairy happy birthday blobby happy birthday
birthstone Birthday teddy Happy Birthday flag Birthday balloons 30th flash birthday balloons birthday present ballons for birthday birthday cake Red balloon

So what have we got here.

I have created some new Happy Birthday animations and also modified some of my old work. The Birthday Cake is one animation I already had on the old webpage but I have improved it and also made it bigger. The train, panda and fairy were models that I had already made, I just modified them slightly to become birthday animations. The sexy pop up boxes are new models but I used bits from some of my other models. Originally I had made just the sexy girl but Dot got jealous so I added the hunky bodybuilder to keep her happy.

The camera and the present are brand new models and have not been used on this website before. One is a very predicable Birthday animation and the other is not but you are expected to smile on your birthday.