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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to our readers

animated appleThanksgiving, a holiday celebrated mainly in the USA and Canada. It is a time to thank God for a good harvest.
In the USA it is the fourth Thursday in November and in Canada it is the second Monday of October.
The tradition is to have a thanksgiving feast and the Oven roasted Turkey seems to take pride of place. The happy thanksgiving animations below includes Pumpkins and cranberries, a very simple text design, a nice big juicy turkey, some popular graphic, an incredibly talented monkey and our very popular butterfly greetings card.

Thanksgiving pumpkins and cranberries
Thanksgiving text
Thanksgiving turkey
Pumpkin animated cube
Happy Thanksgiving card
Happy Thanksgiving animated badge
horn of plenty
monkey with thanksgiving products
Thanksgiving card spin

turkey stawberry grapes for thankgiving tomato pumpkin cobnut apple for thanksgiving green grapes chestnut red apple

We are open to ideas for animations

These animations have only just been posted onto this website because I'm UK based and do not celebrate this occasion. Because I have been reminded by some of our American friends that we were lacking in any animations for Thanksgiving I have put together this selection. I normally put a little more thought into the design of our animations so if anyone has ideas for more we will try and make them.

Any of the small thumbnails can be downloaded and use as an embellishment to your webpage as I have done or can even be used as avatars for forums etc.