All animations created by Dave Sutton

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3D Animated happy new year messages

Even more animations

Dalek wishing Happy new yearSome more Happy New Year messages. It just goes to show the versatility of the software I use as all these animations are using models that I have made for other web pages.

It does not distract from the fact that I think they are some good animations. The floating balloon sign has been used for things like site under construction, Chad for once is not saying "wot no Happy New Year", the balloons are a favourite in the happy birthday section, the spinning cube is one of my specialties, the firework flag was the template for my flag section and the fireman with the whistle thing in his mouth was made many years ago for our experiments in light effects.

The Dalek has been added for any Doctor Who fans.

Robin and Happy New Year Three New Year balloons See the new year in with Chad
Happy New Year cube New year flags and fireworks Fireman celebrating the New Year
Uncle Sam New Year Happy New Year balloons Kep Calm It's the New Year

Beer happy new yearHave a Happy New Year and use these animations to your hearts content. As time goes by I will update and improve these pages and unless something goes wrong (like I kick the bucket) I will update these animations each year to reflect what the actual New Year is.

It is even possible to download these animations and then add a special message to any of the graphics by using one of the many online animation or image editing websites that are now available