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Happy Birthday Animations for age groups

Special Birthdays 20th - 21st - 30th - 40th - 50th - 60th - 70th

20th birthday animationHow I had fun making these .I need to make more but finding the time is another thing altogether.
The 20th Birthday card was made from an existing animation on my Casino page. The 21st Birthday key was a model I made of an old key to the door of a villa I stayed in at Lysos in Cyprus. The 30th Birthday came from the naughty teddy collection on my website. The 40th Birthday used a model from the congratulations page. The 50th birthday balloon information is on the main Birthday page. The 60th birthday used a model from my road sign collection and the 70th birthday was made from an animation on one of my tuition pages. More Happy Birthday animations are available on the links below.

More Happy birthday animations

More Happy birthday animations Add text to one of my animations
21st birthday animation
30th birthday animation
40th birthday animation
50th birthday animation
60th birthday animation
70th birthday animation


An animation that I made on my 66th birthday

66 years oldSome of the more important birthdays in a persons life, I'm considering making birthday animations for every age but it would be quite a big undertaking. You can of course always add a special message or add an age to one of my animations that you can add text to by using one of these animations and uploading it to an online image editor, information on how to do this is available on the link. I have made it extremely easy for you and it even possible to add extra little embellishments as well.