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Free Happy Hanukkah animations

The Festival of Lights

Happy hanukkah text animatedAn eight day Jewish holiday, also known as the festival of lights commemorating the redemption of the second temple in Jerusalem in the second century BC. This was at the time if the Maccabean Revolt. Hanukkah lasts for eight days at any time from late November to Late December each year.

At the time of this festival the candles are lit each evening one at a time for each day of the holiday on a nine branched candle stick, called a Menorah or Hanukiah. The middle or ninth candle was used to give light and light the other candles as you are not allowed to use any of the other eight candles for lighting purposes.
Once the menorah has been lit it is a Jewish custom to play the dreidel game (As the spinning top animation) with each player starting with 10 or 15 markers of some kind (Coins, sweets etc)

animated Star of David
animated menorah
animated hanukiah
Star of david animation
animated Happy Hanukkah
Brightly coloured happy Hanukkah
animated dreidel
Happy Hanukkah flag

The star of David and the menorah are traditional symbols of Judaism and are widely produced as Jewish ceremonial art.

The reason I made these Hanukkah animations

balloonsI like to chat on Google plus and it was there that I met Andrea, she is a blogger and I like to read her blogs, something I suggest you do. Her blogs either make me laugh or cry or even do both at the same time.

She is Jewish and suggested that I make some Hanukkah animations. This is the result, they are all brand new and this page will, without doubt be improved and even have more animations added over a period of time..