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The story of my friend Marios

Marios was born a healthy baby in 1981 in Nicosia Cyprus.
At the age of one month he suffered a massive brain haemorrhage due to vitamin K deficiency in the maternal milk.
The experts that saw the CT scans gave a very bad prognosis and told the parents that Marios was going to be severely retarded.
With specialized programs from England and Israel Marios managed to develop his potential to a degree that allows him today to be self sufficient. At the age of 9 years, accompanied by a psychologist, he was the first child with special needs in Cyprus, who managed to attend normal primary school. His school teacher accepted him as a normal child and as a result the other children in his class accepted him also. While in primary school and for many years after that, Marios had an excellent specialist teacher who tutored him in the afternoons and helped him to increase his level of knowledge in many areas like Geography, Maths, Greek language and general knowledge. As a result he managed to gain the respect of other children and to achieve full integration. Marios graduated primary school at the age of 15. He then went on to attend secondary school for a short time. In the mean time he also attended handicraft classes in the Nicosia Special School, where he learned woodcraft and basket weaving.
His love and talent for handicraft and art became evident early on and was a decisive factor with regard to his future plans. At age of 18 he began working with clay in a private art school where he is working until today.

Marios was 5 before he spoke his first word. Despite this he has now mastered the Greek language, speaking and writing fluently. In addition he reads and writes in English as well. It took Marios two years to learn to tie his shoe laces.Yet today Marios is creating works of art of unique beauty generating a lot of interest in his work.
His determination, discipline, patience, perseverance and incredible mind power transformed him into a person who gives great joy to those who are fortunate enough to be near him.

Acceptance and specialized education can create a miracle transforming a person with special needs into a person with special abilities as in the case of Marios. Today Marios is a very loving, social and happy young adult with lots of friends and interests, who loves to swim and play basketball .

He is productive and creative in his own special way.
His story is a life lesson to all of us , especially those who were fortunate to get to know him

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