All animations created by Dave Sutton

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Halloween animated pucks

Some Halloween pucks requested by junior ice hockey teams

animated pumpkinWe really enjoyed making these. Used our standard puck model and added the witch, skeleton, spider and pumpkin from the Halloween animation page and then sat down for a couple of hours and created the Bat.
At the moment the bat model is only used on this page but we are sure we can find a good use for it in another animation. It would look good a little larger and maybe added to our main Halloween page.

Witch on puck
animated pumpkin puck
bat and spider
puck with ghost
Halloween spider on puck
Pumpkin puck

Animated pucks with a difference

You really will not see many pucks like this, the junior ice hockey team that requested these have a very fertile imagination. We used to make only the spinning puck with the ice hockey team logo in the centre. They all have a transparent background that work best on a light coloured web page. The end result is pretty good, even if we say so ourselves. Just the thing for the ice hockey team webpage at Halloween time or just to put on your blog or website.
If you are looking for a revolving puck animation and want your team log on it click the link below.