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Halloween, Animated witch, coffin, skeleton, spider

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spiderTreatThis is the time of the year when we get many of our younger relations, nephews, nieces, cousins and friends visiting in their witch, wizard, skeleton and ghouls costumes. They know that a knock on the door and a shriek to frighten me will give them a treat as we are not too keen on the tricks. The animation to the right is actually our selection of sweets for Halloween 2014 that I photographed and converted into an animation.

We have here some animations just for Halloween, the sort of thing I love making as there is still that little boy in me. I have now updated some of these animations as they are as old as the website itself and my technique has improved a lot since the early days. Not saying that they are bad because we think they are superior to many animations you may find on the web but we know we can make them even better . The pumpkin and skull animations will blend in nicely if you use a black background for your blog or webpage. Have fun this Halloween and don't let the witches, ghouls and ghosts frighten you like they do to us sometimes when we answer the door in the dark and a creature from some frightening world shrieks at you "Trick or treat". Its a good job we always have a good supply of treats in, you just have to wonder what what happen if you shrieked back "Trick"

halloween bathtime
Halloween coffin Halloween witch animated Halloween name
animated pumpkin animated lantern Halloween teddy bear witch animated skull

A Teddy bear witch, whatever next?

Grumpycat HalloweenThe Halloween animations on the bottom row have been made with a solid background. I used my favourite lighting technique on the pumpkin and skull, quite easy to do once the hard work of making the 3D model is complete because light adjustment is very easy in Artlantis. It is a little more difficult when you have to move the light as in the lantern . My favourite little Teddy is on this page and I have made her into a Halloween Witch riding on the broom stick and particularly like the background effect.
Grumpy Cats have become popular on the internet so I have tried to incorporate one into a Halloween pumpkin animation on the left.