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My second Halloween collection

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walking halloween skeletonThis webpage is an update to the page that I have already made. Some of them on that page are over ten years old. I have spent some time making these new animations and have created several new 3D models.

The skeleton was an animation that I made many years ago but I never got around to adding forearms hands legs and feet to it but that has now been remedied' and it will now no doubt be included in many more new animations after spending so much time building it.

All these Halloween gifs have been made with a black background and on some I have left plenty of room so that you can add special text if you want to. You can use the ONLINE IMAGE EDITOR to crop, resize or add your own personal message to any of these animations

Halloween, celebrated on the last day of October, the day when the spirits from the other side return to haunt people in areas where they once lived. It is when Witches, ghouls, ghosts and demons are at their most active

Halloween witchGrumpy cat halloween pumpkin skull
halloween pumpkin skull halloween witch monster candle for Halloween creepy lantern skeleton red skull pumpkinx2 witch2halloween magic star
animated pumpkin Witch and cauldron Halloween skeleton

Halloween animations with no copyright restrictions

Halloween sphereI do not mind anyone modifying these animations to suit your needs. Even the witch having a good stir could have a message added to the front of her cauldron, it is a very simple matter to just add text. Download my animation to a folder on your computer and then upload it to an online image editor, add your message and then download it again. I have several examples of how I use one image editor here

Have fun with my animations but do not add them to other Halloween collections of animations.
Have a Happy Halloween