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3D Kit car and Spitfire, 360 degree animations available

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3D KitcarMany years ago when the internet was in its infancy we decide to have a go at making a website. Our first attempts were made with Microsoft Front Page and a Dummy's guide to website building to assist us. It was then that we discovered just how much fun you could have experimenting on the internet. It was not such a dangerous place and you could afford to update your virus definitions on a weekly basis. Microsoft updates were virtually overlooked and you could find very little copied content. Things have changed.
Our first web sites were not very good ( we like to think that things have improved since those days ) and we had no animations, just computer graphics like this spitfire and kit car. Over a period of time and with several requests asking if we could animate our work this website become somewhat different and many years later we ended up with hundreds of free 3D animated gifs. Why do we give them away, the honest truth is that we cannot sell them but do enjoy making them. We were never meant to be millionaires that's for sure but we are happy and in reasonable health.

3d spitfireAll our animations have been made with Silverscreen but the two models shown here were the first complex ones we made. They have been used in animations on this site, that is one of the good things about having a good model library, you can use them time and time again for different settings and situations. The spitfire was made for a friend who made solid models of second world war aircraft and displayed them in his garden, I have supplied a lot more information if you click on the image of the spitfire and the the kit car was a university project my son was working on many years ago, perhaps one of the reasons this website ever got started in the first place. Its always nice to show off your work after spending days creating something and we are very guilty of that on Sevenoaks Art.