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Google+ animated gifs, Join me on Google+

I made these animations, they are not collected from other websites

Teddy says join me on Google+I have joined the Google+ project and I am well impressed with it. You can add my Google+ animations very easily into any posts you make and you can create a very impressive profile because you can post animated gifs into the cover image. The whole interface is very easy to navigate and within a day of joining I had found a few friends and was enjoying a chat.

Some people have said that Google+ is a ghost town, when you first join it can seem very quite with little going on but if you make an interesting profile and post some original articles you will find that people will join you. Look for people with similar interests, easy to do with the search facility and then add them, they normally add you back.

smiley Google+
animated card
I want you on Google+
clown fish join me
google+ balance
join me on Google+ cube

Google+ is not a ghost town although some people feel that is the case.

Why not show your support of the Google plus project and put one or more of these animated gifs on your blog or website. It is my way of of promoting a service I consider to be better than Facebook and which will hopefully take off globally. This selection of animations were made using standard models I had already made and then just customizing them.

Over the past ten years I have created a big library of 3D models that can be easily made into animations and customized with artwork, names or logos. I am still making new models, created in a CAD package so the selection of available animations is not restricted because these 3D models can be rendered in an infinite range of textures and the animation can be viewed from any angle.

My Google+ link is below, anyone is welcome to join me and have a chat about life, animations, artwork, blogs or whatever takes your fancy