Google or Bing as a search engine

I have been involved with computers and animated gifs for a long time and my first computer was a Sinclair ZX spectrum. You loaded data with a cassette tape and it often took several attempts to achieve. After that it was an Amiga 500 and the use of floppy discs was a real luxury. In my case both these machines used a TV as a monitor. As a radio amateur I experimented with packet radio, using using amateur radio frequencies to send data to other radio stations. I was a little late to get connected to the internet, it would have been about 1996 and the company I worked for had a couple of computers and decided to connect one to the internet. This machine was called the sheep dip because it often got malware and antivirus updates were supplied once a week then. It did not really matter because it was not on a network and it was formatted on a regular basis. Over the years thing changed drastically and ms dos programs disappeared as a secure network with several workstations were established.

In the early days Alta Vista was our favourite search engine until someone mentioned Google. What a strange name we all thought (It had been used by Enid Blyton) but the simple interface and very relevant search results swung us over to use it. I have been using Google ever since as a search engine until just lately when some very bizarre results have been found. The team of designers I work with (nothing to do with gif animations) have to do a lot of internet research and they were complaining that they were having to dig deep for some of their results. On checking some of the searches it would seem to me that Google is allowing a lot of copied content to be indexed several times over so that you sometimes get a whole page with basically the same result. Brand name sites seem to be getting preference and I think that anything Google has shot up the charts, i.e. You tube, Google places, Google forums and even some Google blogs are getting good placements. In my opinion the once very good relevancy has disappeared
It had been in the news that bing were copying Google search results so I decided to give it a try. The results are nothing like Google's and to my way of thinking they are now supplying very relevant results. The "more on this page" clickable pop up is fantastic and gives a real insight into what is actually on the website. It is no wonder that bing is gradually grabbing a bigger share of the search engine market. Bing has now become my choice as a search engine

Dave July 2011