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3D Google animated gifs

Google me, use these animations to get get people to search for your name

Google animationI have been a TC for Google on one of the Google official forums and even then trying to communicate with a real person at Google was next to impossible. I sometimes wonder if Google is more like a Borg collective and that computers run the whole thing. The I'm still waiting animation just about sums it up when someone is trying to email them. If you feel that your name, website or business has a good presence on the search engine you can use the "Google me" animation. Many people would agree with Father Christmas and would love to send Google the same Christmas present. If anyone has ever tried to email Google they will understand the captain animation, I was the model for this one (before the skeleton transformation).

try and email Google
animated google me
Christmas present for Google
google me cube animation
google me monkey animation
google me spinning


Google now gives everyone an opportunity to display their animated gifs in their social networking website called Google+. It is a very simple matter to upload your animation gif via the simple interface and unlike Facebook that will not accept animations Google+ will show them in all their full splendor. It is also possible to add an animation to your cover photos at the top of your profile page but to do this the animations must be 940 x 180 pixels in size. Want to see an example of this ? Just click my Google+ button at the bottom of this page. If you have problems resizing an animation to suit just give me a shout.