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Good Luck animations

Wish someone Good Luck.

Luck dice animationThere are many objects that people consider lucky and I have included some of the popular ones here. A rabbits foot is considered very lucky but I did not include it because I thought it was not very lucky for the rabbit. The number seven is supposed to be lucky for Christians and ladybugs are considered very lucky especially for the Germans. The four leaf clover, associated with the Irish and St Patricks day was supposedly taken from the Garden of Eden by Eve by Eve.

A horse shoe if hung upwards above a door will protect your property and keep evil away .
Most of the time a black cat is a symbol of good luck although gamblers would be very wary if a black cat crossed their path as it is considered to bring bad luck. When I was younger it was not at all unusual for Gypsies to call and try to sell you lucky heather.

Good luck seven
good luck ladybird animation
Animated good luck horseshoe
good luck 4 leaf clover
lucky heather
Black cat lucky symbol

An Acorn, a symbol of good luck

Lucky acornI was surprised to discover that the acorn is considered a symbol of good luck because this is my nickname on my Google profile and I use it on many of their forums. It is very inexpensive symbol and you will find hundreds of them in Sevenoaks UK where I live. Naturally I had to make an Acorn good luck animation.

In ancient Norse folklore the Vikings associated oak trees with Thor because they attracted lightning. The little acorn would always survive if lightning did strike so one would be placed inside their house to protect them from Thor's anger..