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3D Golf animations, free animated gifs

The normal sort of golf animations but 3D and made here.

animated teesAlthough I used to work for a company that was sited next to a really good golf course and the management had given all employees a free pass to play there I have never tried this sport apart from a little putting in my brother's garden when he converted it a miniature golf course . He is golf mad. Maybe when I retire I may give it a go, but looking at friends who play it, it seems to end up like an addiction. Quite frankly it was hard to think of things to make as golf animations so I made the usual stuff, golf clubs, golf balls and combined a photograph with a waving golf club and bouncing ball

animated golf sign golf course animation golf club swing
animated golf ball golf ball animation animated golf ball in grass
golf cube golf ball zoom animation golf club and ball

Enjoy our free golf animations, use them on your blogs, emails and web sites. You will need to download them to your computer first because you will not be able to right click and paste any of my golf animations into a blog page or email.
No need to worry about any copyright issues because everything has been made in house and any photographs used have no copyright restrictions. Over time I hope to add more golf animations to this page but there is only one animator (me) and everything takes time.