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Free 3D animated goldfish

Keeping Goldfish (or even bluefish) is not easy

blue goldfishI have tried on a couple of occasions to keep the fancy boggle eyed long tailed goldfish and have failed. Just recently my grand daughter asked for a couple of goldfish so I bought the most ordinary looking fish I could find, nothing fancy about them and set them up in aquarium. They have been alive for about 18 months now, have grown well, look healthy and in the early days were even taken out of the tank and talked to. Something we had to stop our six year old grand daughter doing.

animated fish
spinning goldfish
animated goldy
animated goldfish cube
goldfish bowl
animated badge

Goldy is cute

This was the first fish that I made and although he is a strange shape he has been used in quite a few animations, aquariums and goldfish bowls. He really is a humorous looking character and just to look at him makes me laugh. Not my best bit of drawing work but somehow he "works" and other people have come to love him as well. Sometimes its not the looks but the personality and Goldy just oozes with it.
The later fish animations use a photo texture rendered over the 3D model but in this case only colours were used so the model itself was little more complex than later efforts