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Free 3D Animated guppies, a friendly little tropical fish.

Easy to keep

clown fish bulletMy all time favourite fresh water tropical fish , very easy to keep and II have bred hundreds of em. If Angel fish are kept in the same tank there is a big risk that the guppy fry will be eaten by them. They are live bearers and it helped teach my kids the facts of life to watch them in action. They are lively , a great communal fish and grows to about two inches long. In the wild they have been known to keep the mosquito population down as they eat the mosquito larvae

animated guppy
animated aquarium
spinning badge
guppy animation
playfull guppies
guppy circling plant
dizzy guppy

The male guppy is the pretty one

The male featured here is far more colourful than the female and because they are so randy it is advisable to have a greater number of females in your fish tank. Many people make the mistake of having more males because they are so pretty but they will chase the females for ever and a day trying to mate with them