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Free 3D tropical Fish animations

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fish collectionIdeal for use in making your own screen savers, use them on your web pages and insert these animated fish in your blogs. At one time I used to keep tropical fish and had twelve fish tanks in all. I was lucky enough to watch Siamese fighting fish build a bubble nest but never saw any Fry. Of course the easy fish to keep like Guppies, platies, mollys, swordfish and any of the live bearers were also very easy to breed and I often ended up giving away hundreds of fish. I experimented by getting a big water barrel in the garden and adding old lettuce leaves etc and adding daphnia (water fleas). I managed to get a small supply of these as they bred and the fish loved them. I found that any fish with vertical stripes were not the best of community fish, especially tiger barbs, a very attractive fish that lived up to its name of "tiger"

animated discus fish animated cod spinning clown fish
Discus Fish Cod Clown Fish
animated angel fish Goldy neon tetra animation
Angel fish Goldfish Neon Tetra
guppy animation tiger barb animation animated zebra fish
Guppy Tiger Barb Zebra Fish

goldfish discus tiger barb fish fishtank globe cod fish aquarium sphere angel fish guppy tetra neon zebra fish

I have used these fish in a flash movie

It is possible to make a Flash Aquarium using these animated fish. If you have the Flash program it is easy to place an underwater scene as the background and then insert a fish animation as a symbol (Movie clip). You can then make the fish swim across the screen using the motion tween. You do have to be careful when using gifs in Flash because you cannot really make the image bigger without causing deterioration of the image quality but by keep the image of the fish the same size or smaller it works very well. Added extras like actionscript bubbles and shimmering water can make it look very realistic.

You can also make your own little gif animated aquariums by adding a selection of my fish into one animation with an underwater background, this is quite easy to do using one of the online image editors or something like Jasc animation shop that I use.

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