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Something different, a collection of animated goats.

The idea came from Google+

Originally I made the goats for an article that I posted on Google+. For some strange reason they have become popular and many pictures and animations of goats are posted on a Saturday with the hash tag Goaturday applied. Don’t ask me to explain it because I cannot. You can use these animations for any project that you like, you can even modify them, but do not add to online collections of gif animations.

goat with beard no horns goat with horns Female goat
Goat profile view Cute goat animation young goat
goat - face view stern goat pretty goat

These goat animations have not been made in my 3D software

The images used here are those that I have been allowed to copy and to adapt. Attribution was not required. I know that this page is a break from my normal tradition of making true 3D animations using the software that I have but I have been trying to improve my skills in image manipulation in the photo editing software that I use. It is quite an interesting way to make animations and you will find that I have added a few like this on other webpages.

The day may come when I will have to change the website description from Free 3D animations.