All animations created by Dave Sutton

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3D gnomes - original gif animations.

Some gnomes like to travel

snow whiteSomeone in my work place suggested I should make some animated gnomes after seeing an article in a newspaper about someone having a garden gnome stolen from their garden and then receiving photographs of the lost gnome sent to them from places all over the world.

Maybe my gnomes will get about a bit, it would be nice to see them on all sorts of web pages in different countries. The 3D gnome was specifically made for this web page and I have had fun giving him different colored tunics. The "Gnome help" motto gave me the inspiration to make the vacuum cleaner and animation.

The graphic opposite is not exactly a gnome but one of Snow Whites dwarves but I have added it to this page because he does look like a gnome. In this case I just modified a copyright free graphic from wpclipart and added one of my many animated butterflies to it.

Enjoy the selection of 3D animated gnomes below, from time to time I will be adding more if I can find the time to create them.

As well as gnomes I have created angels and fairies

You can find me on Google+ most days because it is an ideal platform to display animated gifs.

revolving gnome
Gnome bells
gnome help
fishing gnome
moving house gnome
gnome and vacuum cleaner

Gnome help

animated gnome cubeA collection of gnomes, one just standing and watching the world go around, a couple pushing their wheel barrows, one doing some cleaning and another going fishing. My gnomes do the normal sort of things that gnomes do but in their own special way.

Do you need help in the home. Call upon out team of gnomes to assist you. "Gnome help" the best sort of home help.