All animations created by Dave Sutton

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Custom made animated gifs, personalized gif animations

butterfly buttonWant to try making your own special animated gif using some of my animations, refer to the Make animated gifs online webpage and you could make your own customized animations with very little effort.

Add your name or message into an animation like this windmill button in seconds.
We have many blank animations just waiting to be made into a very special animation to suit your needs.

Over the years I have built a good library of 3D models. Many of these can be animated and made into 3D animations and most can be easily modified by yourself

balloon animation
butterfly with text
Swinginging sign

All my animations can be modified using online animation programs

I’m hoping that all the animations I have made can be utilized even further, It’s a shame to see them not being used to their full potential, especially as it is quite easy to “customise” them once they have been created.

I started making this collection of custom animated gifs in 1999 and it has been growing since. Sometimes an animation is added because it has been requested but more often than not the animated gif has been created for no other reason than I thought it would be a good idea or Dot has suggested something. If you feel that I have left something out that would make a great animated gif let me know, it might take a little time to make it as I have to be in the mood for animating and I always have several different projects on the go but this site does get updated every few weeks.