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Free Get Well soon animations

Someone not well, send one of my animations

get well soon dalekI loved making these get well animations. I think something here is a dead give away that I'm a Dr Who fan but it could be an ideal thing to send to a younger friend or member of your family.

Chad in the middle with a thermometer in his mouth makes me laugh even if I did make him myself. Our "chad (or Kilroy) was here" animations have become very popular and we have made quite a few with your suggested writing on the wall.

I hope the nurses in Maidstone Hospital do not take offence because some of them are absolute beauties and the care and attention I have received on my stays in there has been next to none even if they do stick needles and things into you.
Maybe one of these animations can help someone special in your life get better, at the least it may cheer them up, you never know.

Get well soon pills
get well soon chad animation
Get well soon card with nurse
Card with butterfly
Get well soon stethascope
get well soon cube
get well soon with grapes
You will get well
get well get fit

Put a smile on some ones face

Pop a get well pill, puts a smile on your face. Do what Chad says but don't eat the thermometer. Very pretty nurse with a get well card just like those in Maidstone hospital and some unusual Get well soon animations.
Someone on the road to recovery ? why not send one of my animations and put a smile on their faces. A chuckle can be a good tonic so we hope these animated gifs will be of some help.