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Animated Gay Symbols

I had to investigate

gay marriageI had to have a little investigation to find out what the gay symbols were. I had already made the gay awareness ribbon and that was about all. One of my gay friends had told me that I was looking after other people OK, making animations for Diwali. mothers day etc but had only one little gay awareness ribbon. He was such a nice lad that I took his advice and made the collection below. Pleased to say that I now have an even better friend, and Dot loves to go clothes shopping with him. Will other visitors like these animations, its fairly new and I have had no comments about it yet so use them and enjoy them. I can always modify some of my other animations in some way to suit.

gay male symbol gay butterfly Gay flag animation
Gay female animation animated pink triangle proud to be gay
animated lambda Tinky Gay heart

Just love the rainbow

Dot and Dave just love any bright coloured animations and we are proud of this collection of gay symbols.
The Gay Awareness Ribbon comes from our collection of ribbons but the rest of these animations are brand new.
We think that they would look great on your blogs and websites. If used on Blogger you will need to upload to Picasa (or similar photo hosting web site) and link to them to make them "animate"