All animations created by Dave Sutton

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GATSO animations, speed trap animation and a spinning copper's hat

I must be crazy

blow up speed trapsI went down the road and took a photograph of the speed camera that we have on the road out of the village. It has become second nature to make sure that I am doing 30 mph when approaching it. I did get some strange looks as if to say what is that old boy taking photos of a Gatso for. I needed them for a pattern to make these animations and being able to virtually set fire to one gave me immense satisfaction. I added a coppers hat as a decorative little addition as they seem to do very little these days except filling in long detailed reports. If the speed trap "text" animation is used by itself on a webpage it will spin a lot quicker.

gatso animation
spinning gatso
blow it up
animated plicemans hat
sppeed trap text animation
speed trap warning sign

Tempted to blow up a Gatso

Get immense satisfaction watching the GATSO speed camera being fire bombed. A few weeks after getting my Golf GTI, I copped a speeding ticket on my way to Hastings for doing 34 mph in a 30 mph zone. This is his way of venting some steam about the situation. We are also pleased to say that the Gatso that caught me out no longer exists. It was considered one of the most well hidden speed traps in the area.