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Gardening animations. 3D animated gardening gifs

I get ideas from the strangest places

RoseThe wheel barrow was made from some instructions I found in a very old carpentry book. I used to be a joiner and some one had given me this book with all sorts of wonderful old fashioned joinery things to make and the design of the wheel barrow just shouted at me "make me as a 3D CAD drawing" The Sutton seed packet has a special meaning, just click my Google profile button and you will see what I mean, and the plant was originally constructed as a prop or addition to computer drawn kitchens.
I love to see a nice garden but I'm not a keen gardener so I leave as much gardening work to Dot as I can. I prefer to sit out in the sun in my garden and let life pass me by.

animated wheelbarrow
animated seeds
plant pot
animated garden fork
animated wheel barrow with flowers
animated spade

Gardening animations

watering canA good old fashioned wheel barrow, a packet of seeds, fork, spade, watering can and crazy plant pots. Not the normal collection of Gardening animations but original and made by us, not collected from black holes on the internet

Have you noticed that we do not have a large selection of animations on each page, that is because they are good quality and are of a larger file size than most readily available on copied content animation sites and because it takes time for us to make them. I prefer to sit in a nice comfortable seat the garden, let Dot do the weeding and gardening and drink my Southern Comfort with ice.