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Image sets in png format for games developers

Pngs with a transparent background

ufo for light colour backgroundI admit this is an experiment, but then I love to find out about different things that my animations can be used for and much to my surprise I discovered that they can even be used in iphone aps. All the animations on this website are animated gifs and when working with a transparent background will give problems with a halo effect around the subject when used on different colour backgrounds.

I can make image sets of most animations on this website that can be downloaded as a zip file and they will be in png format with a transparent background. The advantage of this is that pngs can have partially transparent pixels which means that they can be viewed on any colour background with no halo effects. The larger UFO png below is an example, it is a static image that I have placed on a varying colour background, no problem with any halo effect. I would have used an animated png as an example but only Firefox supports them.

ufo png
ufo animated gif

Now the animated gif of the smaller UFO has been optimized for a light coloured background, looks fine at the top but notice the white halo around it when placed on a dark background. Pngs obviously work a lot better.

Downloadable tile sets

It is early days and I will probably need some advice from any game developers out there if they use my animations but I have started with a downloadable zip file with all the images to make the UFO animation. They are all png format, are the same size as the large example above and can be re sized to suit your requirements. If you decide that an animation on my website is suitable for your needs and a zip file containing the images in a larger image size and png format will suffice email me and I will see what I can do.

The transformation from my original source file to a set of pngs is not the most exciting of work so a donation into my PayPal account is always welcome for any work done. It will help to pay for a bottle of Southern Comfort which will put me into a happy state of semi oblivion while doing such work.