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Animated fuchsia gifs

Fuchsias in our garden

RoseNative to South America they come in mauve red white and pink A popular garden shrub and can be very hardy. They survive the hardest of winters in our back garden and always spring back to life in the Summer. We have quite a few of these flowers in our front garden as well and in the summer we put them in our hanging flower baskets out side the front door to add an extra splash of colour to the front of out little semi detached house. Molly our small grand daughter who has started taking an interest in gardening , especially growing strawberries, tomatoes and potatoes thinks they look like little fairies

animated fuchsia
animated fuchsia basket
swinging fuchsia basket
spinning fuchsia cube
single fuchsia flower
spinning fuchsia cube

Always adding animations

In the past we have been concentrating on adding all sorts of new categories for our animations but once we started updating all our pages we decided that we should now concentrate on adding more animations to the existing categories that we have. This page is an example of that but we hope that it will not stop here because there is wonderful scope for adding even more animated fuchsias